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Oakwood Roots is aimed at becoming a coveted clinical training program for masters- and PhD-level students for practicum/internship site experience, as well as LPC Interns & LMFT Associates working towards state licensure.  Our vision is to offer affordable mental health services to our clients of Brazos Valley, and provide an extensive and rigorous apprenticeship training program with special attention to social justice and individual development for students and interns working in a private pay setting.

Master’s & PhD Students – Practicum/Internship Site Experience

The season of practicum and internship during your graduate school training is a unique moment in your burgeoning career.  Your time in the classroom diminishes, but as you begin sitting with clients, the need for connection with peers, for oversight on your work, and space for praxis-oriented training increases.  Your studies in theory are now tested with each client’s story that you encounter.  At Oakwood Roots, our aim is to be a soft place to land as you find your bearing in wrestling more directly with the question, “Who am I as a therapist?”  In addition to weekly supervision with a licensed and seasoned therapist, you will join a cohort of students from a variety of graduate programs for regular consultation groups and training that is specifically geared towards understanding yourself better as a clinician.  Our training modules will center on developing your therapeutic self, with both your unique story as a person, as well as your client work in the office as primary guides to this discovery process.  See below for our Year 1 at Roots Curriculum.

We are looking for students who are interested in this level of training, and will bring an openness to growth, reliability, and a self-motivated drive to the practice. On average, most students see 10-15 clients/week at The Oakwood Roots Center, and will be required to participate in weekly supervision, as well as monthly training and consultation with their cohort.  If you are a PhD Psychology student, you will be supervised by our PhD Supervisor, and internship will be a combination of counseling and assessment.  Our clients will be children, adolescents, families, couples, college students, and adults, and there is space for us to work with small groups as well.  Students will collaborate with their supervisor to determine the specifics of their clientele and caseload.

To apply or inquire, please email Jeremy Dew at with a copy of your resume, and specify your desired semesters (minimum of 2), the name of your graduate program and contact name/info for your internship coordinator, and the clientele you hope to see in your experience at Oakwood Roots.

LPC-Intern & LMFT Associate Supervision

The harrowing process towards licensure holds a lot of emotion for recent (and soon-to-be) graduates.  Finding employment that will enable you to earn those hours and somehow cover your rent, along with student loans, can feel daunting.  Oakwood Roots offers a unique opportunity, for a few post-graduate students at a time, to work with private pay clientele under the supervision of seasoned, licensed private practice clinicians in a cohort model where consultation and training are also provided to help prepare you for full licensure.  In addition to the training we provide for graduate students who go through our Oakwood Roots 2-semester program, we spend the following months narrowing our focus in training on working with different populations in our community, with opportunities to do further reading and study with the support of advisors who specialize in that field of interest.  See below for more information on Year 2 at Roots.  We have supervisors who are LPC-S, LMFT-S, and dual licensed.  Our aim is to provide training that empowers you towards feeling prepared for full licensure.

Clinicians interested in learning more about our program for LPC Interns and LMFT Associates should email Jeremy Dew, Clinical Director at Oakwood Roots, at  Please include your resume, your desired licensure and anticipated start date, as well as your hopes for clientele you are interested in working with at The Oakwood Roots Center.  Candidates will have a preliminary interview with Jeremy, and then the second interview process will be conducted by your potential supervisor.  In some circumstances, LPC Interns and LMFT Associates may choose to have an outside supervisor, and Oakwood Roots will coordinate with supervisors to ensure continuity of care, training, and supervision.  If you are interested in learning more before you send in your resume, please complete the form below to be contacted.

Training Curriculum at Roots

Year 1 at Roots

Year 1 at Roots will focus primarily on delving further into your own story and how your unique way of being will impact your work as a therapist. You have invested significant time and energy in understanding theory, and here we begin to invest further in the question of who you are in particular as a therapist. If we are doing our work as therapists, this work will impact us deeply. The foundational year at Roots is looking at how we shift from our studies to finding our footing in this field as a calling and a career.

Month 1: Exploring Your Motivations for this Work

Month 2: Attachment, Rupture, & Repair – A Lense for the Foibles of Therapy

Month 3: Mindfulness Strategies for Us and Our Clients

Month 4: Countertransference – When It’s Helpful and When It’s Not

Month 5: When Our Clients Get Into Us

Month 6: Racial Identity Development – This is for everyone.

Month 7: Sex in the Office – Talking about It

Month 8: Feminist Theory – Gender in the Therapeutic Space & Reaching Beyond the Office

Month 9: Crisis Intervention – Safety Planning and Coordination of Care

Month 10: An Inside Look at Private Practice – This is a Real Option

Month 11: Dual Relationships – Small-ish Towns and Ethics

Month 12: How to Last in this Career – Essential Strategies to Care for Yourself While You Care for Others

Year 2 at Roots

In your 2nd year at Roots, your training will shift slightly, with more independent study, self-directed learning, and finally, teaching. With the support of your supervisor and the clinical director, you will delve deeper into the clinical work with specific issues, populations, or a therapeutic theory. You will have access to an advisor who specializes in your field of interest who will support your 2-3 month studies with consultation and some direction for resources. The culmination of your studies will be our quarterly Roots Symposium, where our LPC Interns and LMFT Associates offer a training to our community on their topic of study. Trainings from Year 1 will always be open for you to join as well, but this will offer a unique space in your work for further study with direction and mentorship. In your final months with us, our trainings will focus on the business of running your own private practice, from finances, to your space, and branding.  Examples of your studies could include:

African American clients

Latino clients

LGBTQIA clients

Undocumented families

Clients with Faith or Unfaith Issues

Adoptive Families

Children, Adolescents, and Parents

Career Counseling and Transitional Phases of Life

Eating Issues

The Relational Approach

Feminist Theory

Sex – Sexual Assault, Rape, and Unwanted Sexual Behavior


Personality Disorders

Exit Offerings –
Branding and Website Design for Your Private Practice

Curating Your Space as a Therapist

Finances in a Private Practice: Will I make as much as I think?