Practicum/Internship Site Experience

& LPC-Intern Supervision

If you are looking for supervision to work towards your hours for licensure as an LPC, or you are looking for a practicum site in your graduate program, and interested in private practice work, The Oakwood Collaborative is regularly taking new LPC-Interns and practicum students.  Space is limited and opportunities depend on availability.

Practicum/Internship Site Experience

Practicum and Internship during your graduate school training is a unique experience.  You are still in class, getting a fair amount of direct feedback on your work, while you are also sorting out exactly who you are as a counselor.  While most of us begin interviewing for an internship site with the underlying feeling that you need to sell yourself to the site, what often gets lost is the immense value that you offer as a student coming to work with us.  Students bring a unique energy to the work, and while we can often see our “energy” as mostly anxiety about the new experience, we believe that your energy to learn impacts us greatly as a practice.  You come with unique questions, a fresh lens to view our work, and a voracious desire to learn.  As seasoned therapists working alongside you as a student, our hope is that this be a safe place to explore those questions, as well as offer our perspectives, insight, and where needed, direction, on your work.  For many students, you are beginning to think forward to graduation and what you will be doing, or how you will pay off those loans, and that offers a unique stressor of its own.  Our site offers the unique potential for you to continue your work, when you have obtained the proper licensure requirements, as an LPC-Intern under supervision of one of our supervisors or take your clients with you into a new practice.

If you are looking for a student practicum/internship site for your graduate school, The Oakwood Collaborative will provide office space with an on-site provider here for all of your direct client practicum hours, clients to meet your practicum hour requirements (with options for individual, couples, and family counseling), as well as weekly supervision from a licensed supervisor for your practicum experience and ongoing consultation during your practicum experience.  We will work to collaborate with your school supervisor/faculty to ensure that this work complements and supplements your work in school.

We are looking for practicum students that are interested in working in a private practice setting in their career, and that are committed to a minimum of 6 months of working with clients in our practice. We are seeking students that are open to feedback, self-motivated, and reliable.  Our interns must have previous supervised practicum experience.  While the work is short-term in your practicum experience, our hope is that you will consider continuing your work with these clients as you begin to work under an LPC-Supervisor or LMFT-Supervisor after you complete your time with us (and have obtained the necessary licensure and requirements that permit you to practice in a private practice setting as an LPC-Intern).  Our hope is that your practicum experience here will set you up with work after graduate school with some clients that are already established, and also continue care for the clients that come to us seeking support and that have begun with you, rather than a more traditional practicum setting where clients are shuffled to the next student every few months.  We see this opportunity as beneficial to you as a burgeoning therapist, as well as us as a practice in knowing that our clients will continue to receive the care that they need for as long as they see fit.  There will be an interview process with one of our supervisors, to determine for you and for us if this feels like a good fit for what you are looking for in a practicum experience and the unique needs of our practice as well.  A unique aspect to our practicum site is that in addition to supervision regarding your client work on a weekly basis and working alongside LPCs, LMFTs, and Psychologists, your supervisor will provide consultation around the unique needs, concerns, and considerations within a private practice setting.

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LPC-Intern Supervision

If you are interested in supervision for hours leading up to licensure, please contact Jeremy Dew ( or Alisa McDonald ( for more information.