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Charlie Brunt

Doctoral Student 


  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Texas A&M University (In-progress)
  • M.S. Counseling Psychology, University of Denver
  • B.S. Psychology, Open University

My Philosophy

I believe that healing happens in relationships with others, in fact, relationships themselves are the most powerful agents of change. I approach therapy with the core belief that all humans are wired for connection and I generally view problems as originating from the interactions between people or society and an individual.

Therapy with me involves looking at patterns in your life that used to be adaptive but are now getting in the way of connecting with others. Often, these patterns also show up in the therapeutic relationship, and we will work through them together in a way that feels healthy and reparative to break the cycle together. As a person’s scope of awareness expands and they become better able to recognize and articulate a broader range of experiences, the meaning and function of the symptom may become clear. As this occurs, the person may feel a shift and find new solutions to old problems.

My goal in therapy is to provide unconditional acceptance and safety so you can be your true self. Growth comes with feeling stretched and challenged. My job is to balance comfort with your need to heal. I have been told that I am easy to talk to and that my style is warm, accepting, and calming. At the same time, I am an active therapist, and clients appreciate my candor and directiveness when needed.

● Anxiety, ● Self-Esteem Issues, ● Life Transitions/Adjustment Issues, ● Relational Issues, ● LGBQTIA+ friendly, ● Sexual Issues, ● Self-Care and Stress Management

● Adolescents, ● College Students, ● Adults, ● Elders, and ● Couples

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