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Jess Rios

Telehealth Registered Professional Counselor


  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of the Cumberlands
  • BA in Psychology and minor in Religious Studies, Texas A&M University

Additional Certifications:

EMDR trained, Trauma Informed-CBT, trauma informed

Additionally licensed:
Telehealth Registered Professional Counselor (South Carolina), License # TLC.105.PC

My Philosophy

I often get asked, “What’s a good reason to seek counseling?” Or “Why do people go to counseling?” And the short answer is, “For lots of reasons.” If you’re feeling stuck, have experiences you’re wanting to sort through with someone, wanting to re-learn how to have healthy relationships with others or yourself, have experienced significant grief, trauma, or impacting experiences, or simply want to better understand what has shaped your life and desire to live a more integrated and full life, then I’d say come check it out.

When I think of the counseling space, I usually think of 3 spaces, a hospital room, a bedroom, and a tow-truck. Sometimes the counseling space can feel like a place where we are exploring our pains and desiring to seek healing. Sometimes it can feel like an intimate and vulnerable space where we explore the depths of who we are and desire to be. Sometimes it can feel like just a quick lift out of a rut. My hope is that whatever you’re needing or seeking, you can give yourself permission to explore your story and your future at your pace, in a safe space, with a lot of curiosity, often asking questions we may feel too scared or ashamed to ask in our daily lives.

I carry the philosophy that we are triune beings, with a body, soul, and spirit, complex and desiring to live wholly and authentically. We get to holistically and curiously explore your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, systems, and relationships that have shaped your life and begin to ask the question, “Have those things been helpful and/or harmful?”

I work from a multi-cultural, multi-systemic, and trauma-informed lense along with a relational approach, understanding that our homes, ethnic culture, religious/spiritual environments, regional and national environments, and other systems can play a role in how we view the world and ourselves. I have worked with a variety of clients wanting to better understand and work through various traumas, fears, grief, anxieties, unhealthy coping skills, identity crisis, life transitions, and more Whatever brings you to counseling, I would love to journey with you through spaces that can be hard and let you know you don’t have to do hard things alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

● anxiety, depression, ●anger, relational concerns, ●life transitions and adjustment issues, ●grief and loss, ●trauma, spiritual abuse/trauma, ●spiritual/religious concerns, ●identity development, ●multicultural issues, ●cultural/racial concerns,● self-esteem issues, ●self-care and stress-management, ●sexuality concerns, ●emotional regulation,● parenting supports, ●cross-cultural transitions, ●life satisfaction, ●Bilingual (English/Spanish)

● Children, ●Adolescents, ●Adults, Families, ● College Students, Couples

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