College Students

While few in the area hear much about a campus in the area (wink), the college students of our Bryan/College Station are immensely important to us.  Having all been in school in the past (and some of us still in the school community), our group has a unique appreciation for you.  Whether you need a formal assessment to get a better sense of what your unique learning needs are, or you are looking for support through counseling, we have a range of approaches and expertise in the office to best meet your individual needs.

Psychological Testing/Evaluation:

Psychological assessments can be helpful when you need to get a better sense of what is impacting your learning and development.  Additionally, our psychologists can help you with recommendations in what might be needed in the classroom, as well as your study habits to create a more successful learning environment for you.


For many students, the convergence of newfound independence and responsibility offers a unique estuary, with room for immense growth and development of identity.  For some students who walk into our office, there is a desire to sort out a clarity of direction that feels particularly weighty during college.  For others, the transition into college work exacerbates current stresses.  With a variety in our team, our hope is to sort out with you what approach feels most beneficial to your process and help you to find success in this time of life.

For Psychological Testing, learn more about our psychologists who offer testing here:

For Counseling, learn more about our team who offers counseling here:

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