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Tarrah Hubbell

LPC Intern Under the Supervision of Alisa McDonald, LPC-S Counselor at Oakwood Roots


  • BS in Psychology, Texas A&M University
  • MA in Mental Health Counseling, Sam Houston State University

Additional Credentials:

  • National Certified Counselor,
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional: Two­Day Trauma Competency Conference

My Philosophy

I tailor my approach to counseling on the needs of each client. I have worked in a disciplinary alternative educational program with clients of various backgrounds. I believe establishing a supportive and trusting relationship with my clients is a key to effective counseling. I utilize reality therapy in session which focuses on the here and now. After establishing a trusting relationship, my client and I can then begin to understand and explore their present needs, wants, perceptions, and behaviors and identify choices that may be hindering to them. I strive to empower and help my clients to take control of their own lives and guide them in making choices that will allow them to thrive, as well as help them identify the incongruence within themselves and explore ways to help them implement change.

Children and adolescents often don’t understand why they are acting a certain way and they often feel powerless in their behaviors. Parents and guardians are also feeling powerless and confused about some of their children’s behaviors. Through the counseling process, we will explore what is going on in their bodies and how to better understand themselves and their behaviors, and collaborating with the parents/guardians on supporting the child/adolescent is a crucial part of that work.

● Self-regulation & emotional regulation skills; suicidal ideation; ● self-harm; ● child & adolescent trauma; ● anxiety; ● depression, ● play therapy

● Children, ● Adolescents, ● College Students, ● Adults

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