Oakwood Counseling offers counseling services and evaluation services tailored to the needs of each individual and family in the Brazos Valley.

Holistic Healing

Integrative approaches to health, treating the mind, body, and spirit for a more fulfilling life journey.

Compassionate Care

Personalized therapy with a compassionate touch to guide you toward a more balanced and peaceful life.

Empowered Living

Gain the tools and confidence to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and a sense of control.

Find Your Path To Wellness

Oakwood Counseling has offered comprehensive outpatient psychological services in the Brazos Valley since 2003.   

With options for individual, group, family or couples therapy, our treatment approaches allow our therapists to design the treatment plan that is best-suited to your presenting concern.  

Our psychologists are equipped with the most up-to-date measures to evaluate any form of mood, anxiety, attention, thought, learning or developmental disorder.

Individual Counseling

Personalized sessions that address the unique challenges and goals of each person, fostering self-discovery and growth.

Disability Services Evaluations

Comprehensive assessments to understand and address cognitive, emotional, and physical disabilities.

Psychological Evaluations

In-depth analysis to diagnose and plan for mental health conditions, ensuring the best path forward for treatment and support.

Intensive Outpatient Care

This structured program provides a higher level of treatment, offering a bridge between full-time care and weekly counseling sessions.

Group Therapy

Engage in supportive group settings to share experiences and grow together.

Family Therapy

Strengthen family bonds and improve communication in a guided therapeutic environment.

Couples/Marriage Therapy

Enhance your relationship through tailored strategies to foster understanding and closeness.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Empower your career journey with personalized guidance and support to overcome workplace challenges.

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Empowering Every Individual

Oakwood Counseling embraces the diversity of our community by offering specialized services to a wide range of individuals and groups who present with a wide range of clinical needs.  Our vision is for everyone to have access to compassionate mental health care.


Specialized support for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, aiming to enhance their independence and quality of life.

Adults & Couples

Personal and relational growth through counseling that addresses life’s challenges, relationship dynamics, and emotional well-being.

Children, Adolescents & Their Families

Guidance for young individuals and their families to navigate developmental challenges, emotional health, and family relationships.

College Students

Focused support for academic stress, personal development, and the unique challenges of college life.


Stress management and emotional support for educators, fostering a healthy teaching environment and personal well-being.

Secure your appointment with Oakwood Counseling now and begin your journey to healing.
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