Adoptive Parenting Group

Our 8-week adoptive parenting group is offered to provide a safe, confidential, supportive place for adoptive parents/guardians to share experiences and support one another as we cover many core post-adoption topics such as secondary trauma/shame, attachment issues, managing challenging behaviors/trauma, regret/grief/loss, coping skills, and racial/cultural blending.

When: Thursdays @ 9am, beginning February 21, 2019
Where: Oakwood Roots

Cost: $200 for 8-weeks Contact: Tiffany Hammond,

As adoptive parents or guardians, we frequently face unique and difficult feelings, decisions, obstacles, tragedies, and relational situations that seem insurmountable despite our attempts to prepare, explore parenting techniques, or create a resolution. Intrapersonal therapeutic adoptive parenting groups afford a safe space for parents to take a fresh look at issues through a systemic lens. This perspective helps parents create heightened emotional strength, set new goals, learn coping skills, and solutions that typically result in meaningful and lasting change.

About Tiffany: My therapeutic approach is largely dependent on the group’s needs. However, I typically gravitate towards solution-centered therapeutic methods from a systemic point of view. Solution-centered therapy acknowledges imbalances in the context of moving forward and identifying solutions. Systemic therapy considers all of us as integral parts of various relational systems, similar to parts of machines. We maintain our relationships (systems) by maintaining and caring for all of the parts. Therefore, when someone is experiencing difficulties and not feeling/functioning well, we work to restore balance in that part of the relational system which also typically restores balance throughout the system and creates support for lasting positive change.

Schedule for Group

Week 1: Welcomes & Intros/ Exploring Member Motivations for Adoption & Therapy/ Confidentiality/ Group Communication 

Week 2: The Invisible Struggle (Pulling for fear of being judged). Discuss Parenting Experiences and Strategies (good, bad, & ugly… including regret, feelings of isolation, fatigue, shame, post-adoption depression, and guilt). Self-care Strategies  

Week 3: Attachment Reactive Disorder, Disinhibited Social Engagement,  Trauma, Anxiety, Developmental, Relational & Behavioral Issues 

Week 4: Continued from Week 3, add Addiction, Substance Abuse Withdraw & Impact 

Week 5: Coping Skills, Strategies and Relationship Building Activities

Week 6: Blended Families, Cultural, Racial, & Social Facets of Adoption In & Out of the Home & Fear of Rejection

Week 7: Identifying and Managing Known & Invisible Trauma, Loss, and Grief / Relationship Testing – “You’re Not My Real Mom/Dad!”

Week 8: Behavioral & Social Impact of Technology & Social Media / Setting Boundaries / Desire to Meet Biological Parents/ Family 

*This outline is tentative and may be adjusted to fit the specific needs of each group. 

If you are interested in signing up for this group, payment must be received in full by the time of the group. Please contact Tiffany Hammond to reserve your spot at